Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Beginnings and Happy Endings.

This is a little odd. I simply cannot remember how many blogs I have created again and again and again... Just because I have written so many things when I'm upset and sad.

And again over time, I came back trying to delete something that was a part of me. But guess what, it stays in you. 
I try to change, sometimes change is good but sometimes you just loose yourself trying to be someone you are DEFINITELY NOT! 
Too many things, sad and happy things will happen in life and I guess that's how you grow. Not really sure when will the growing part hit you but it will... soon, in time. 

I'm 22 years old this year (2014). 
If there was one wish I could have, is to go back to being a child where worries never existed. 
Now, you see everything with a naked eye. Everything seems different and confusing and you can't even remember how you came to be... different from the old you. 

You've lost friends.
You've loved the wrong.
You've cried and not know what went wrong. 
You've felt like                                                      giving up.
You've felt hopeless.
You've felt pain. 


You have known happiness (even just for a brief while),
You have loved some right ones,
You have had some good old laughs till' your tummy ached,
You have done some right and just, 
You just might have inspired someone, 
You know pain... and that is all you need to know to move on. 

Pain demands to be felt, ( Fault in Our Stars, The Movie )

I am not putting myself down just to impress some people who does not make a difference to my life.  Its not their life that they are burdening. Its mine and only mine to impress.

Its a really old picture of myself but I kinda dig myself... so yeah ;)